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Dana Point Climate Voter Guides
Scroll down to see how candidates answered our surveys.  We'll add more responses as we get them. 

nr = no response

n/a = not applicable, only applies to incumbents

Dana Point City Council*

* Dana Point City Council is not having an election this year because only one candidate filed to run in each district.  We sent them our survey anyway, but they have not responded. 

On Sept. 20, 2022, the Dana Point City Council ignored numerous California climate laws when it voted that there was “no possibility” that the addition of 530 homes would have a significant effect on the environment, citing its General Plan, which has not been updated since 1991 and 2013 Housing Element Update, neither of which considered pollution caused by cars, buildings or waste that will come with the projects. Under California climate law, cities are required to address emissions from any activity.  See Environmental Determination on p. 5 of the Sept. 20, 2022 General Plan Update staff report.

OC Board of Supervisors

Dana Point School Districts

State Senate 36th District

Board of Equalization 4th District

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